VoxxLife Socks & Insoles

Socks & Insoles

We are now offering VoxxLife Socks & Insoles!

Designed with Neuroreceptor activation built-in, that works with your nervous system!


  • Can Enhance Postural Stability and Balance
  • Can Decrease or Relieve Pain
  • Can Improve Mobility
  • Can Improve Energy & Stamina
  • Can Improve Range of Motion
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Evaluation Results by 3rd Party Studies:
- Out of 1000 participants with foot pain, 980 experienced some relief with Voxx Products
- 31% Increase in balance and stability
- 17% Increase in velocity of force
- Cyclists experienced 22% more power output!

15% Increase in range of motion
5x Driver Dispersion
3x Iron Dispersion!
3 yards improved Driver Distance!!
Improved 6 Iron Distance by 6 Yards!

Want to know more?
Check out this great informational video on the development and action of the VOXX technology, by founder Jay Dhaliwal!
Click here to watch: https://vimeo.com/218839629     (Password is: Voxx4Life)
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