Neurofeedback Endorsements

  • The Mayo Clinic gave Neurofeedback a "Green Light" in their 2010 "Guide to Alternative Medicine", meaning it is safe for most people and has proven effective
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics rated Neurofeedback as a "Level 1/Best Support" Intervention for ADHD; this is the highest possible rating and at the same level as medication and behavior therapy
  • Bessel van der Kolk, MD, leading trauma expert, endorses Neurofeedback

What Our Clients Say:

"Neurofeedback has helped me to relax, and be less uptight about the little things I have no control over. It has helped me to improve my focus and concentration, and to decrease compulsive eating. In the process, I have experienced decreased blood pressure with increased relaxation. I am more aware of the here and now and less concerned about things done in the past and what the future might hold. It has allowed me to look at me, and evaluate who I am and what I want to be. For me, neurofeedback has not been a "quick fix" but a series of slow, over time changes. From week to week I am often unaware of change, but in looking back over several months, I can identify major changes. It's not until I compare my reaction today with a similar situation months ago, that I say "Wow! I really have changed." Neurofeedback has helped me enjoy life, not obsess over it." * (Registered Nurse, age 50)

"Gretchen's approach to Neurofeedback has proven to be extremely helpful in my recovery from a traumatic event.
This event had me spiraling into severe anxiety and depression. I am confident that Gretchen's thorough assessment, careful selection of treatment approach, and genuine concern all played a large role in my recovery and management of my symptoms. This was several months ago. To this day, I still notice significant improvements in my symptoms from my treatment sessions. I would certainly recommend Gretchen and her business to anyone who is considering neurofeedback." (Physical Therapist, Age 32)

"I send clients for whom traditional western medicine has been ineffective, to Mid-Michigan Neurofeedback." (Sara M. Winkler, D.O.)

"Neurofeedback has helped me move through some of the most challenging times this year.When I walk into a session, I can feel like the world is crashing around me, and a mere 30 minutes later, the sun is already coming out and things are looking up. I have found nothing that can U-turn a dark depression faster." * (School Counselor, Age 43)

"I'm not as lazy and I don't complain about my homework, anymore." (Male Teenager) "He is more energetic, and his teacher told us that he is more motivated in class and making use of learning techniques that he has previously ignored. He's more positive in class, and more mature!" (Parent of same teenager)

"For years our child was a conundrum. He was constantly running, over reactive, easily stressed, needy, emotionally charged and full of anxiety.
When we finally got a diagnosis of sensory integration disorder, we proceeded to get him to various therapies. But the one therapy that had the most profound impact was neurofeedback. As he progressed through his sessions, we saw a new child emerge. One that was personable, smiling, showing a sense of humour, with much less anxiety and much more joy. He transformed from a noncompliant child to a gentleman. Our lives and his were significantly improved. Now, we are all smiling and living a normal life with a happy, healthy child." * (Parent of child with Sensory Integration Disorder)

"I first started neurofeedback with Gretchen Morse when I was 55 years old. I had recently gone through a number of emotional and physical setbacks and was having trouble coping with day to day life. I had cried nearly every day for more than a year, and when I wasn’t crying, I was working hard not to be. The worst of the symptoms lifted in about two and half months after starting neurofeedback. Gretchen understood my needs and accommodated me in multiple ways. Since that time, as I have continued neurofeedback, the difference in my life has been miraculous. I have continued to improve, participating in life in ways that I haven’t in many, many years (and perhaps never did)—at work, at home and in my community. I am deeply grateful to Gretchen and to neurofeedback for making this possible." * (College Professor)

"Neurofeedback has been a wonderful thing for my life and controlling my anxiety, and performance anxiety.
For a few years, my performances would suffer due to this. I had LENS treatment and other exercises to retrain my brain (to cap the anxiety and unlearn to relearn old brain patterns) . I went from almost leaving a doctorate program after my first recital, to playing co-principal trumpet in a major symphony overseas for a short time, and finishing my doctoral program, which entailed 5 other recitals...two of which involved lectures. The treatment Gretchen offers and gives to her patients is fantastic and invaluable. It has allowed me complete my goals and continue to perform with less stress and more concentration and fun. I recommend this to others who may be in the same boat. I look forward to visiting Gretchen on occasion in the near future. Thank you." * (Music Graduate Student)

"Neurofeedback has helped me reduce anxiety and modulate my moods. I can concentrate and focus better since I have had neurofeedback." * (State of Michigan Employee)

"Neurofeedback has been an immense help to me in finding and maintaining calmness and balance through a period of difficult life changes.
I recommend neurofeedback highly to anyone interested in increasing self-knowledge and equanimity." * (Artisan, age 67)

"I have a chronic sleep disorder - Narcolepsy - that impairs my cognitive abilities, at times substantially (e.g., I used to balance a $250,000 annual budget; today I often have difficulty balancing my checkbook). Neurological testing has shown I still have aptitude and intelligence, however, my concentration is severely impaired. This makes it extremely difficult for me to focus at any given time or on any given task. After participating in many traditional and non-traditional treatments (i.e., including medical, psychological and spiritual approaches; and mental and physical techniques) without any improvement, I opted to try neurofeedback (LENS method). I wasn’t sure what to expect. After my very first treatment, I noticed improvement in my ability to function upon waking up (I used to require medication before I could even shower - not anymoreJ)! After a few more treatments I became aware of occasional improvement in my ability to recall specific information, examples and/or instances. After 3 months, I see noticeable improvement in my overall perception, my body and mind feel more in sync." * (Female, age 40)

*Results may vary from individual to individual

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