Neurofeedback with Animals

LENS Neurofeedback may help with:
- Separation Anxiety
- Marking/spraying behaviors
- Aggression
- Storm and/or Noise anxiety
- Shyness/skittishness

Neurofeedback With Animals

The LENS Neurofeedback process is giving new hope to animals and their owners.  Neurofeedback can help animals with stress and behavioral problems. It is a simple and short process, easily tolerated by cats, dogs, and horses. There are links below to some scholarly articles on this subject. Here are some recent animal patients that we have seen at Mid-Michigan Neurofeedback:

"Sah-Sah" (left)  is a beautiful boy who came to Mid-Michigan Neurofeedback because he and another male cat had been marking 2-3 times a day for the past year, after moving to a new home. He and his brother are part of a large family with 5 cats and a dog.

After an interview and history with his mom (which helped to determine settings we use) ear clips were applied to Sah-Sah's ears, and another sensor was applied to his scalp with special electrode paste. He behaved very well!

The computer records and analyzes his brainwaves, and sends a very short and very brief amount of feedback (in the form of a radio frequency wave signal - much gentler than using your cellphone!) to Sah-Sah's brain. The signal helps to settle Sah-Sah's brain and nervous system. 

After the first LENS session, Sah-Sah's mom reported that in 2 weeks time, she only cleaned up 2 very minor marking incidences at the house, and that those may have been from the other cat. Sah-Sah was also much less aggressive with his kitty brothers and sisters.  A few more sessions would be needed to cement the changes, for long-term results.
"Maggie" (left) is a lovely girl who has a sweet temperament, but is very frightened by thunderstorms. Before her LENS sessions, Maggie would start shaking, 30 minutes before the storms would start.

After her first LENS session, she only shook when the thunder became very loud. After 2 sessions, her owner reports that she has not been shaking during recent storms.

There is no set number of sessions for any pet or human case, as they are all different. Some symptoms take longer to work with, and some do not resolve at all. But for those who are helped by the LENS process, the change is often long-term or even permanent.

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