Getting Started

How to Get Started

Are you interested in giving Neurofeedback a try?
Here is more information about our process and some helpful tips!

What You'll Need to Do

1) You must be medically stable; this means you must keep all medicines, supplements or other interventions consistent prior to and during Neurofeedback treatment. This will optimize your results, and help you to better discern the effects of Neurofeedback on your symptoms, without interference.

2) Call our office at 517/290-4965 to set up an initial assessment. This is a 90-minute interview that will address your symptoms and goals, and will include part or all of a brainwave evaluation/map. Subsequent sessions will range from 30-60 minutes, based on the type of Neurofeedback you choose to do.

3) Download and complete the forms below and bring them to your initial assessment. This information is crucial and will help guide your Neurofeedback process. 
         Note: We want to be able to help you, and use your time to the fullest!  So, be sure to have these forms with you, or we will have to take time in the intake session to fill them out.  We don't want you to have to forgo the mapping, and have to pay full fee for another intake.
4) Shampoo your hair twice, the morning of your mapping/intake. Do not use shampoo with conditioner in it, or any other hair products (gels, conditioners, hair spray, etc.). The hair and scalp must be clean and free of oils and residues in order to produce an accurate and helpful map, so that we can help you! If the scalp has not been well-prepared, we will have to forgo the map, and the full session fee will be charged. 

5) Take all medicines as prescribed, except stimulants. Do not use additional stimulants the day of your mapping (i.e. coffee, power drinks, etc.)

6) FYI - We take cash, check, or credit card payments.  There will be a small processing fee for credit card payments.
LENS Intake Form
Things that may make your Neurofeedback experience more successful:
- Hydrate well and have protein before and after sessions

- Eliminate junk food and sweets (can be done over time), and steer towards a whole food diet. Think of your body like soil in a garden; if we use soil that is tilled and fertilized and nurtured, the plants will grow better!

- Email your experiences from the session to the technician. This helps us to keep your experience in mind, and to make appropriate adjustments before your next session, so you can get the most out of the process!

- Be prompt for your sessions. Often, the things we plan for your unique symptoms need time to run, so plan on arriving just a little early to maximize your benefits!

- Avoid use of alcohol, marijuana, or other substances for the night after your session.  Limit use of these during the week.

- Attend regular sessions.  Neurofeedback requires repetition, to "teach" the brain and nervous system to function better.  Missed sessions may slow down or disrupt the process.

- Also, be aware that some brains change quickly, and some take more time to change.  Be patient with the process, and be sure to speak with us about your experiences with the process.
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